Jeremy Andrew

Jeremy is an Idaho-licensed attorney and has handled firearms his entire life. As an attorney, he teaches the legal portion of the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Weapons course for NRA-certified instructors and their companies throughout the state of Idaho. Many of his clients utilize his expertise in matters relating to compliance as firearms dealers. Additionally, he loves drafting gun trusts for individuals and families to help protect against illegal distribution of firearms and other related matters. You’ve worked too hard to have something as small as bequeathing a firearm turn you or a loved one into a felon. If you are looking for an attorney to help you or your organization with these types of matters, Jeremy has been involved and teaching gun law for over six (6) years in Idaho, having taught thousands of individuals so they could obtain their Idaho enhanced concealed carry weapons permit. He also assists businesses as a prior business owner himself and now a business lawyer, and he is the founder of The Phoinix Law Firm, in Boise-Meridian, Idaho. . Feel free to contact Jeremy with any questions.