Idaho Enhanced License


The Enhanced License is the premier license available for those who travel and is the prerequisite class for individuals to apply for the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit. Beginning July 1, 2013, Idaho began offering two options for conceal carry permits: the Standard CCW permit and the Enhanced CCW.

YOU CAN NOW GET AN ID CCW AT THE AGE OF 18. For those age 18 to 20 — YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE ENHANCED CLASS AND YOU WILL BE ISSUED THE STANDARD ID CCW UNTIL YOU TURN 21. ONCE YOU TURN 21, IT WILL BE UPDATED TO THE ID ENHANCED CCW.( 18-20 don’t qualify for OR CHL) IF YOU ARE 17, you can take the class now and apply for your license when you turn 18.

There are very few state licenses that have as great of reciprocity as the Idaho Enhanced License. The Enhanced License has been accepted by many states (these include the same states as the Standard Idaho license) and additional states such as New Mexico, Nevada, Washington, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia, to name a few.

The campus carry law has also passed and allows individuals with the Enhanced Idaho license to carry on public college campuses.

Idaho Enhanced CCW Class Instruction

The state of Idaho requires training in both firearms instruction and legal instruction in order to qualify for the Enhanced License. Therefore, the Enhanced class is an 8-hour class with a 4-hour legal portion taught by an attorney, and a 4-hour range safety and live fire class. You will need your own handgun (NO SINGLE ACTION REVOLVERS), ammunition (100 rounds), and ear and eye protection.

To obtain an ID Enhanced permit as a non-resident, you must first have a license in your resident state. You will then have to take the 8hr class in Idaho, apply for it in person and pick it up in person in IDAHO. License renewal will also need to be done in person in Idaho. (you may need to make several trips to ID)

For our 8-hour ID Enhanced CCW classes, please pack a lunch as there are no restaurants nearby!

Rental firearms and ammunition will be available on a limited basis. Please contact instructors for details.

To see the full schedule of our upcoming Idaho Enhanced CCW classes where you can register and secure your spot, please click here.